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Directional boards

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Directional kiteboards, increasingly favored among enthusiasts

Directional kiteboards offer a unique wave-riding experience unparalleled by traditional twintip kiteboards. The sensation of carving through waves with a directional wave board offers a distinct and dynamic thrill, combining the fluidity of the wave with the power of the kite above for an exhilarating sense of freedom. Wave riders often find this experience irreplaceable.

Directional kiteboards is versatile for waves and flat water

Directional kiteboards come in varied designs to suit wave riding or gliding over flat water. Boards intended for wave use typically feature increased rocker, enhancing playfulness and wave-cutting capabilities. The added curvature provides easier steering, reduces diving, and delivers a crisp ride. Conversely, boards with less rocker boast higher speeds and facilitate upwind kiting due to increased water resistance, creating a blend of speed and maneuverability that many kiters desire.

Beyond wave-focused models, the market also presents freestyle directional kiteboards. These boards, designed for superior pop, ease the process of launching off the water for jumps. They also offer enhanced turning capabilities, making them perfect for executing old school and innovative freestyle tricks.

The tail shape of wave kiteboards

The tail shape of wave kiteboards, much like surfboards, plays a crucial role in their water performance. Tail designs influence how water flows under and leaves the board, with three main types:

  • Round tails offer more predictability, control, and grip, suiting a wide range of riders.
  • Square tails enhance wave-catching ability and provide a lively feel during turns, ideal for wave enthusiasts.
  • Swallow tails blend the control of round tails with the agility of square tails, offering versatile performance for all-round kiting.

Wave kiteboards can be ridden with or without straps. For beginners, straps (or foot straps) are recommended to maintain connection with the board when catching waves. For the more adventurous and experienced, strapless riding offers a distinct, liberating sensation. To prevent board loss, attaching a leash to your directional kiteboard is advised.

Maintaining grip on your directional kiteboard

Grip is essential for control. Surf pads, once attached, provide lasting grip without the need for replacement, though they add slight weight. Alternatively, wax offers a direct board feel and is easily applied, though it requires more frequent attention.

Best directional kiteboard brands

Our collection features a comprehensive range of directional kiteboard brands, including Duotone. Whether you're searching for a specific brand or exploring types of boards, our selection caters to every preference.

For those exploring beyond directional boards, our lineup also includes foilboards and twintip kiteboards, ensuring every rider finds their perfect match. Discover the perfect blend of performance and pleasure in our curated collection, designed to elevate your kiting experience to new heights.

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