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Flying over the water... The dream becomes reality!
The dream has now become reality. You are going to discover a new way of sailing... Flying over the water! More than three years of study, development and fine-tuning were necessary to design the SELECT windfoil. We have done everything possible to achieve our goals: creating a high-performance windfoil, easy and self-stabilizing, able to fly in an ultra light wind.

Experience & State-Of-The-Art Technology

The SELECT windfoil is the culmination of the work of 2 teams: SELECT and TAAROA which have already developed the most efficient kitefoils in the world.
The SWORD 2 has become the absolute reference in its field: both easy and efficient. This new concept of foil has revolutionized the possibility of sailing in fair weather. It covers wide ranges of wind conditions with suitable wings and stabilizers.
The recent developments that have made the release of the new SWORD RS possible have proven that our databases could bring a real advantage for making a latest generation windfoil: the ProFOIL.F1 SELECT.

The ProFOIL.F1 SELECT, is the modern version of the windfoil. To achieve this, we have developed the construction of all the components of a foil designed for windsurfing: much more rigid and more solid as a simple extrapolation inspired by a kitefoil.
The construction of a windfoil is extremely complex and high-tech. Because of the considerable forces at work, all components require perfect development, production and skill.
The ProFOIL.F1 is a concentrate of our expertise in hydrodynamics and the use of composite materials. It has been developed and manufactured as a real piece of aeronautics. Designed with rigour and without any concession from the quality that has made the reputation of SELECT / SM COMPOSITE.

Maximum performance for light wind

A locked mast / fuselage assembly:
The mast and the fuselage are the structure of the foil. The quality of these two parts is of paramount importance for obtaining the best performance of the front wing and the stabilizer.
The composite structure must be as elaborate as possible to hold the twisting and bending. This is the essential condition to gain stability on all axes, which will determine the ease of control and performance on all points of sail.

Low drag:
The minimal drag of the ProFOIL.F1 is the component for which nothing is left to chance. 
The choice of the mast profile, the shape of the fuselage and especially the recess of the wings and stabilizers are without equivalent compared with other foils on the market.

Perfect surfaces:
The preparation of the surfaces is the condition of the performance of all wings, mast and fuselage. Each piece is sanded in five steps to achieve the best factor of water on water gliding.
​Our parts are bare, without primer, without paint or varnish which impose an unnecessary load and often conceal faults.

Connection plates

The 2 «connection plates» (CP) are the safety components that connect the foil to the board in all circumstances.
The «CP TOP» distributes the clamping forces on the deck.
The «CP bottom» (under the hull) limits the front/rear movement to optimize the stability of the foil


The ProFOIL.F1 mast / fuselage assembly can be dismantled. The mast has a tapered flange which gives 20 mm more (back and front) than the maximum width of the mast. The form of this base added to the high modulus carbon reinforcements enables you to obtain the best holding when twisting. 

  • Technology: full carbon single piece. Made in metal moulds, the ProFOIL.F1 mast is a single piece full carbonstructure: consisting of fibre UD high modulus 390 GPA HM and carbon biaxial 290 GPA IM. (NB: The sandwich does not have its place on a mast of 90cm > the risks of delamination are too great).
  • Finishing: sanding /Grain 1200 > optimization of the water on water gliding.
  • Fixation: fixing to the fuselage: screws and stainless steel plugs / safety restraint.


The ProFOIL.F1 fuselage is 90 cm long: optimal length to create the best balance of forces between the main wing and the stabilizer.
Its geometry is upgradable: it depends on both the mechanical forces and the hydrodynamic optimization.
The section is very square for limit twisting. The finer rear part holds the foil in yaw for better balance of conduct.

  • Technology:  full carbon single piece.
  • Finishing: sanding / grain 1200 > Limiting drag, no refusal of surface that could encourage the general breaking away of the foil.
  • Fixation: fuselage / wings mounting : BLOCK System Fixation > stainless steel inserts integrated directly into the mould during manufacture for a solid, simple, and safe mounting. > An indestructible system !

Front wing

2 models are available for the ProFOIL.F1: the W.850 and the W.750.
The front wing is the carrying surface for taking off and accelerating.
The wings of the ProFOIL.F1 are pre-twisted on the ends to reduce drag as the speed increases. They are equipped with a gull wing dihedral for 2 reasons:
1 - It concentrates the flow for more control. This increases longitudinal and transversal stability.
2 - The ends of the wings are lower: they increase the list by favouring performance of the end of the wing which is more isolated from the surface of the water.

The ProFOIL.F1 wings have a powerful profile with a high reserve of acceleration. 
The sanded finish on the appendices limits untimely take-offs, making the control of the foil more predictable.

  • Technology: manufactured in carbon (full carbon prepreg), they transmit the power instantly.
  • Finish: sanding /Grain 1200 > optimization of the water on water gliding to make the profiles work over wideranges of perfomance.
  • Fixation: 3 stainless steel screws / Diameter 6 mm.  BLOCK System Fixation > stainless steel inserts integrated directly into the mould during manufacture of the fuselage for a solid, simple, and safe mounting > An indestructible system !

Back wing (stabilizer)

The centrepiece to obtain a perfectly suitable foil for your board.
The ProFOIL.F1 generates a strong power developed by the front wing. For safety reasons but especially so that the stabilizer can bring the stability necessary for the evolution of the foil, the design calculations hydrodynamics of the ProFOIL.F1 make it a nose-down foil : which is to say that the generated power must not pull the front wing out of the water whatever the conditions.
The role of the stabilizer is to regulate the horizontal seating of the foil. The distribution of the weight, the weight of the rider and the sailing thrust of the rig are also to be taken into account to manage the horizontal seating of the foil as best as possible. The scale and the angles of adjustments are complex parameters whose balance is crucial to obtain a effective stabilizer : SELECT has made the choice of the best ratio between speed and comfort of sailing.
The wing / stabilizer assemblies of the ProFOIL.F1 are pre-set to promote the optimum horizontal seating generating the least drag.

  • Technology: Carbon Fr4 > High precision machining
  • Finishing: sanding / grain 1200
  • Fixation: 2 stainless steel screws / Diameter 6 mm.  BLOCK System Fixation > stainless steel inserts integrated directly into the mould during manufacture of the fuselage for a solid, simple, and safe mounting > An indestructible system !
IMPORTANT : The stabilizer must be chosen depending on the type of board used and the weight ofthe rider. > See the WINGS FoilSELECTOR tables

What makes SELECT/ProFOIL.F1 stand out from other foils on the market?

An exclusive technology: Manufacture in high pressure full carbon prepreg.
It is made by SM COMPOSITE, with a worldwide reputation in high level composite expertise. 
Full Carbon
The choice of full carbon : all parts of our windfoils are in carbon.
No aluminium in our foils ! Aluminium is much too soft to generate the maximum return from the appendices, without forgetting the very short term destructive corrosion.
Aluminium foils have their place in foil schools, with their attractive rates making first flights at a lower cost possible
An incomparable finish
Our technology provides us with a fibre without distortion or snags. Our parts are bare : No holes, no mastic, no paint, no varnish, nothing. We have nothing to hide ! 
Coming out of the mould, each piece is carefully sanded to obtain the best performance.
The «visible carbon» finish is our guarantee of quality and excellence.
Flexible and upgradable
The mast and the fuselage are the structure of the foil. They are and will be compatible with all the wings and stabilizers of the current and future ranges.
100 % Made In France
Our foils are all made in our factory, from the design of tools to the final achievement.
We will not accept any compromise on the materials.We rigorously insist on the best prepreg of the market.
Traceability / after-sales service
Each component of the SELECT ProFOIL.F1 windfoil is equipped with an unalterable serial number (the markings are fused into the material). All our parts are listed to ensure worldwide follow-up

Answers to your questions

The ProFOIL.F1... Who for ?
The ProFOIL.F1 is designed for fair to high level riders . A rider who has mastered planing, sailing in straps and the gybe, may without any problem succeed in flying with light and simple sails in minimum wind.
For which programme?
Generally, the windfoil is made for sailing in light wind on calm water. Our objective in the launch of the ProFOIL.F1 is to favour sailing in ultra light wind with light and simple sails :
- From 7 knots for a lightweight (+ or - 70 Kg).
- From 8 knots for a heavier weight (+ or - 90 Kg).
Which sail?
Prefer a light sail, without cam or 2 to 3 cams at most. A surface of 7.0 m2 to 8.5m2. A lightweight rig can compensate largely for a greater surface area which is much heavier. ... For flying, the enemy is weight!
Which board?
Associating the ELIX F1.x board with your SELECT / ProFOIL.F1 foil brings you a « ready to fly » assembly : a remarkable balance with incredible performance !
If you are less exacting, a board of 125 to 130 litres with a FreeRide type deck surface and a width of 75 to 90 cm. is amply enough.
Are current boards suitable?
Only if the boards have reinforced fins boxes , because the risk of an accident is real.  Otherwise, the foil box may bend from front to back and side to side. HAZARD ! > The major risk is the ejection of the foil. It can lead to serious injury, without forgetting the loss of the foil and breakage of equipment.
The Slalom boards are the least suitable because the mast of the ProFOIL.F1 is ultra rigid. The locations of straps external very on the fairly boxy rails do not favour the best placing of the feet to sail this foil easily when on an adverse list. To get maximum advantage of the apparent wind and in good general comfort, the width of the board must be 75 cm to 90 cm max with a FreeRide type deck plan. The FreeRide deck drawings favour the placing of the feet and the multi-inserts help find the position of balance which will favour takeoff and the comfort of the flight.



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I already had my first tries with this incredible machinery. I have to say this was my first try of foiling ever. The first day I was quite scary to go off but it turned out to be very comfortable and easy. The wind was quite shifty so it was a bit demanding to get it going but if you're concentrated all goes OK. I managed to take off a couple of times and had runs like 50-100 meters. The 2nd day I was flying over water easily and comfortable. You get used to this Select Pro Foil very fast. What a sensation! My choice was EVO model with 85 cm front wing (I'm 92 kg) and A backwing.
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