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25 knots, air temperature above 30⁰C and water temperature about 28⁰C... Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the reality looks different most of the time. That’s why in this category you will find everything you need to enhance your comfort in conditions, in which only hardened people can allow themselves to swim/ride without wetsuit. We got you covered in both – winter and summer season. We have wetsuits for men, women and children. Easy / Surf is more than certain that in our range of products, you will find the right size and thickness of your wetsuit according to any weather conditions. You might find our dedicated guide about wetsuits very helpful.

Beyond wetsuits we also offer different kinds of technical clothing to keep you warm, such as – neoprene hats, hoods, vests and boots. If you identify yourself with the brand Xcel and you’re looking for something to ride in extremely low temperatures, we have something special for you! Try Xcel Drylock, Revolt or Infinity models with warming system TDC! Models are available in front zip or back zip versions. You have no idea how to choose size of your wetsuit or which neoprene boots will be the best for you? Feel free to ask on our Live Chat and we will be more than happy to advice which wetsuit (Xcel or maybe Gul?) will meet your expectations! We help our Clients on daily basis to choose their “second skin” which is greatly enhancing their comfort of riding/swimming, even in low temperatures. Hits in our offer are also wetsuits and neoprene accessories from brands such as – GUL, ION, NP, Quicksilver and Roxy.
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