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Stand Up Paddle

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SUP - Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world. All you need to practise this sport is large surfing board and a paddle. And ... of course, any kind of lake, river, bay or even open sea. In SUP category is everything for people, who think about starting their adventure with this beautiful sport. Amateurs of inflatable SUP boards as well as hard boards enthusiasts will find something for themselves. In Easy / Surf’s offer we have products from renowned brand Mistral SUP and versatile boards from Vandal and Siren Sup Surfing.

Boards come in different lengths (most common is 11’5), volume and shape (in this category Allround boards are most popular). If you want to be the fastest paddler on the spot – we highly recommend you Race or Crousing board shapes. If you are wave riding enthusiast we suggest you to check the boards in Surfing category. To your SUP board you can, or even should add a paddle. Paddles come in different variations, such as: fixed, 2-piece and 3-piece ones. Types of paddles are based on the material they’re made of – carbon, alloy or carbon/composite. Still not enough? Ah, right! You will also need leash and buoyancy aid. All of this and much more we present in SUP category. Start exploring the world from new perspective, standing on the water! And if you need any help or advice in board selection, check out our special SUP guide and don’t hesitate to ask us via E-mail or Live Chat!
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