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Safety Leashes

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A kitesurfing leash serves as your crucial safety tether

A kitesurfing leash serves as your crucial safety tether, ensuring you remain connected to your kite. Whether you're outfitting a new setup or seeking a replacement, purchasing a quality kite leash is vital. Additionally, longer leashes provide professional kiteboarders the flexibility required for executing handle passes.

A kite leash is indispensable for every session

A kite leash is indispensable for every session, acting as the solitary link between you and your kite. With a variety of lengths available, it's important to select a leash that aligns with your kitesurfing style. For freeriders or those who prefer surfing on a board without unhooking, a shorter leash might suit best, minimizing bounce and keeping the kite nearer upon release. It also ensures the quick-release system is easily accessible in emergencies. We typically suggest a shorter leash for those who do not engage in unhooking maneuvers. Conversely, for enthusiasts eager to master unhooked tricks, a longer leash is advisable, offering the extra space needed for maneuvers like handle passes. Our selection includes leashes from top brands such as PLKB, and ION.

Choosing the best kite leash

When choosing a kite leash, considering the right size is critical for ensuring safety and proper function. Many kitesurfers never unhook from their kite, and for them, a shorter leash is safer and recommended. You can opt for leashes with either a hook or a rope attachment; hooks allow for easy attachment, while ropes prevent potential damage to your surfboard in case of a fall.

Kite leashes are a fundamental safety measure to prevent losing your kite. Whether opting for the compact mini leashes or the traditional handle pass leashes, our inventory caters to all preferences.

Our durable, high-quality leashes with quick-release features are designed for ambitious tricks and competitive kitesurfing, providing a secure connection between the harness and the kite's safety system.

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