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Main Trickboard feature important for athletes is the ability of neuromuscular training. Balancing on hard rubber roller activates proprioception - communication from muscles to the brain. It's an ultimate training tool for kitesurfers, windsurfers, SUP riders, longboarders and surfers. Today, trickboards are also used in many fitness clubs. Coaches involve them in their training routines with use of weights or balls for lots of different sport disciplines (not only boardsports).

Simple balancing on a roll already prepares you for a better position on any board. And there are countless creative options for exercises… Big advantage of this humble device is also little space necessary to play with it. Trickboard itself features special "brakes" on tips to prevent the board from sliding off the roller. Rubber rollers leave no marks on the floors. You can also use special carpet to practise on. The balance boards come in 5 different shapes and sizes(Classic, Rocker, Pro, Junior) and in various cool graphic options.

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