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Adam Doerffer
Adam is a person with a positive view of the world who doesn’t like letting moments pass him by, so he captures them as often as he can by interacting with people who are passionate and by spending time among nature. At EASY, he is responsible for analysing sales and marketing activities and keeping an eye on the store to run smoothly so that it meets the highest standards and responds to the needs of all customers. He started his adventure with windsurfing in 1994 when his dad brought a set of a board with a triangular sail ;) from Austria. Since then he has been trying to spend as much time as he can on water every year. A full glide on a sunny, windy day is synonymous with a feeling of pure joy and the scent of neoprene evokes positive emotions ☺ When not on/in water, he likes to take it all out on enduro, then calm down doing yoga and spending time with friends on bicycle trips, snowboarding in the mountains, or just reading an inspiring book.

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