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NORTH KITEBOARDING Complete Foiling Set 2018 - Foil+ Board
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NORTH KITEBOARDING Complete Foiling Set 2018 - Foil+ Board

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  • Sizes: 
    • Board: 5'0''
    • Mast: 650 mm / 900 mm
  • Purpose: Foil
  • Model: 2018

Water sports are going into a new dimension. Modern technologies allow us to fly above the surface of the water. The North Kiteboarding set is the easiest way to start your foiling adventure. The Foil Speedster Combo with the Free Foil board will meet the expectations of all those taking their first steps on the kitesurfing hydroplane. This set forgives is very forgiving and provides great comfort. That make it ideal choice for all recreational riders.

Set includes

  • North Kiteboarding Speedster Foil
  • North Kiteboarding Free Foil 5'0'' Board
  • 3 North Kiteboarding footstraps with screws and washers


The Speedster Combo is an easy, accessible foil and the ideal tool to quickly improve your hydro foiling skills. The main characteristics are a huge speed range, and excellent track stability. Available with two mast lengths: 65cm for handling and 90 for speed and acceleration. 


  • Huge speed range, suitable for many levels of riders
  • Unique winglets for immense track stability and an improved turning radius
  • High lift and impressive resistance to stall makes it easy to tack and jibe
  • Unique and incredibly durable carbon compound wings and fuselage
  • Winglets improve not only the directional stability but also help the foil track smoothly through turns
  • Included back wing wedge which exerts less force thus helping the beginner to control the life of the foil
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The Free Foil Board is aimed at the riders looking for a board on which they can start they adventure with foiling and progress to advanced level. It's easy to ride and forgiving. The rubber and cork deck also reduce the risk of injuries during a wipeout.


  • Full rubber and cork deck
  • 2 or 3 strap setup possible
  • 4 point connection
  • 90x165mm mast to board connection to use a variety of foils
  • Easy access entry level to intermediate foil board
  • Large planning surface
  • Low volume – easy to handle
  • Flex nose to avoid rodeo rides and crashes
Click here to read more about Free Foil 5'0'' Board.


Flexible, comfortable and most important - adjustable. They fit all North Kiteboarding directional boards with straps inserts.

Provide great foot stability and comfort. They are designed for surfboards, but fit perfect also for riding with foil.

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