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PLKB Kite Ibex
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PLKB Kite Nova V2
  • The perfect kite for snowkite, buggy or landkite.
  • 5-line construction guarantees easy control, fast kite power-down to 0 and an equally easy restart
  • Glass fiber sewn into the leading edge, thanks to which it was possible to achieve perfect stability and excellent aerodynamics, and at the same time does not increase the weight.
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PLKB Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Lynx V5


Sizes: 4m | 6m | 8m | 10m

Perfect kite for freeriding in the snow. The 5-link construction guarantees safety and incredible stability. Thanks to the modern "Stop n 'Go" system, every movement becomes safe, you do not have to give up fast turns at any time, you can extinguish the power of the kite by 100%. Lynx feels best, away from the crowded slopes, enjoying peace and quiet, discovering new places.


  • SAFE, EASY, AND ACCESSIBLE - Ease of use makes the Lynx a universal kite regardless of the level of advancement, beginners can take their first steps on it, and experienced riders will use 100% of its freeriding features.
  • AGILE YET HIGHLY STABLE Lynx has been designed to be as stable as possible in all conditions. Specially designed Dyneem® bridle ensures a sensitive and fast kite.
  • 100% DEPOWER SAFETY The Lynx has a fifth line to ensure safe landing or safe release in difficult situations. If you pull the 5-line the kite will land immediately, losing 100% of its power
  • VERSATILE - Mild and accessible power allows for a wide range of applications, you can use it for snowkiting, buggy, or for learning to control a kite.

Technical Features

  • GAUZE COVERED, REINFORCED AIR INTAKES - Prevents snow and dirt from getting inside the kite. The air inlets are reinforced with tape sewn into the seams, which results in a very strong construction that guarantees the shape of the inlets.
  • SPLICED AND STITCHED, KOOK PROOF BRIDLE LOOPS - Durable Samson Dyneema lines that are joined and sewn together, which guarantees resistance to extreme stresses.
  • STOP 'N GO SAFETY SYSTEM - The Lynx is equipped with a stop-and-go safety system that guarantees immediate 100% depower. The most important feature of the kite is that the line does not get tangled in use, so you can take off immediately.
  • DOUBLE STITCHED X SHAPED, DACRON REINFORCED BRIDLE POINTS - Due to the amount of power the Lynx gives, the bridles attachment points are cross-reinforced with a Dacron stitched patch, making these the strongest and most durable points on the market.
  • MIRAI HIGH TENACITY FABRICS ​ - The most durable lightweight fabrics made it possible to obtain high durability and performance.


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Size (m2) Knots
4.0 8-25
6.0 7-27
8.0 6-25
10.0 5-20
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