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PLKB Trainer kite Hype TR + bar
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PLKB Trainer kite Impulse TR + bar
  • A great choice if you want to start your adventure with powerkiting or are looking for a kite to play with
  • Precisely reacts to your commands, thanks to which you will quickly learn to control it
  • Safety system thanks to which the kite loses all its power in a second
  • Hornet has been on the market for 10 years, during this time there have been improvements and improvements
  • Complete kit - just unpack and start the adventure
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PLKB Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Hornet training kite with bar


2.0 | 3.0 | 4.0 | 5.0 | 6.0

The most versatile and most recognizable 4-line kite in the world, with a 10-year history, designed for beginners and intermediate users looking for new, interesting challenges. Hornet reacts very precisely to your commands, thanks to which you can control it easily and pleasantly, it behaves very stably across the entire width of the windshield, guaranteeing strong thrust. This is a typical power kite that will provide you with a lot of fun and solid training, from which you will come home really tired, but with a smile on your face as you remember the first jumps. Kitebuggy, snowboard, skis? This is also how the Hornet feels great here, if you want to try your hand at kitebuggies, are bored by skiing or snowboarding, or are simply looking for something new, this kite will help you take your first steps and further develop your skills.


  • 4-lines fullpower kite
  • Powerkite perfect for beginners and intermediates
  • It has a security system
  • Delivers smooth and predictable power
  • Perfect stability
  • Large wind range for a specific size
  • No need to trim the kite! The structure retains its dimensions even after a long and intensive period
  • It has all the necessary accessories

Set include

  • Hornet kite
  • Case
  • 4-link bar
  • Durable Dyneema® lines, color-coded, with sewn terminations
  • Security system
  • Instruction


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Size (m2) Knots
2.0 m 7-34
3.0 m 6-30
4.0 m 5-25
5.0 m 4-21
6.0 m 3-20
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