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Windsurf Sails and Rigs

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Windsurf sails and rigs

GOYA Windsurf sail Banzai X Pro 2021

713.00 €
from 606.00 €

GOYA Windsurf sail Surf 2021

168.00 €
from 142.00 €

GOYA Windsurf sail Nexus Pro 2021

703.00 €
from 597.00 €

GOYA Windsurf sail Mark Pro X 2021

796.00 €
from 676.00 €

​Choosing the right windsurfing sail is one of the most important and toughest choice that is in front of our customers. We make this decision much easier by offering only highest quality sails: LOFT SAILS, GA-SAILS, VANDAL, EZZY, GAASTRA, ARROWS, all of these brands collected in one place! Choose your own that will be providing power for you and your board. Freestyle sails GAASTRA PURE or slalom with matchless LOFT SAILS RACING BLADE or maybe freeride one – VANDAL Venture. ​

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