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Windsurfing in EASY-surfshop

EASY-surfshop has been initially established as EASY – windsurfing. This field is the key category from which we started our activity on the market. For many years we’ve gathered experience which makes us specialists capable of providing comprehensive Customer service – from consultancy to advices in the selection of equipment and accessories. Range of the equipment we offer is very wide: from wave, through freestyle, freeride, up to freerace and slalom – both boards and sails. We also have special offer for Formula and Raceboard enthusiasts.

Currently, in our offer we have windsurfing boards of top brands on the market, such as: Tabou, Fanatic, Starboard and Patrik. As a distributor we also have permanently in stock Gaastra sails and their economic brand – Vandal Sails. In our range you will also find amazing performance sails designed by Monty Spindler – Loftsails, with their top models: Blade, Switchblade and Oxygen. We also offer RDM and SDM masts from brands such as – MaverX, Unifiber and GA-Sails. We encourage those, who want to know more specific details about masts, to get familiar with our guide. When it comes to booms, we highly recommend carbon GA-Sails and Unifiber booms, but also their alloy versions are worth the attention. If you come to us, we will help you choose the perfect rig, base plate, harness lines and fins (as we have interesting products from Maui Ultra Fins and Select), up haul and mast extension for your specific needs and requirements. Have you lost a screw from your equipment or broke a batten in your sail? There is no problem at all. In EASY-surfshop we provide spare parts to majority of models of the sails, boards and accessories.
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