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Kite, sails, boards, paddles and SUP board is not everything you can have to get the most out of these sports. There are so much more useful things to ease, enhance, and expand your knowledge about water sports! In category ACCESORIES you will find many electronic gear, such as Skywatch windmeters, which will make selection of the proper size of the sail or kite simpler than ever!

Also you can record your epic sessions and best moves thanks to 360fly Panoramic Camera. As we all know in water sports safety is number one priority, in category Protection you can get helmets, impact vests and buoyancy aid from the most recognized brands on the market, such as Gul, ION and Bern. Backpack and gear section offers you everything you need to pack and head out on the journey – Travel Bags, Quivers, Backpacks, Wallets and accessories from Gaastra, CrazyFly, Dakine, North and much more! If the wind doesn’t deliver, you still can have plenty of fun and you can practice balance on Trickboards, Fishboards, Bodyboards and so on. For those who like to sit on the beach and relax we offer great travel guides (not only for kitesurfing and windsurfing addicts, published by Stoked Publications) that will allow you to precisely plan your next unforgettable trip! It is also a great gift idea, as well as windsurfing DVD movies, for surfers who are in love with water sports in and outside of the water. Branded clothing, many car accessories or windsurfing models are also great souvenir and gift idea!
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