X-mas Surf Gift Ideas

Hey Surfers! Get good timing for Christmas EASY SURF shopping. Don't postpone until last moments and stress out you don't have your gifts ready. Here is our piece of advice. A lot of more ideas here.

Air Freshners
Air Fresh Windsurfing
Want to smell your last surf trip? Choose the sail or kite you are using and have all the memories for a penny! Comes in 2 different scents.

Windsurfing Model 1:16
windsurf model
Just a perfect Christmas gift for any windsurfer. Choose the brand of board&sail he/she uses to shred, and leave under the tree miniature windsurf set with all details to put on one’s shelf! Can also be mounted on a car cockpit, to show others on the road: “I’m not an average couch Joe!”

Euro / The World Kite And Windsurfing Guide
the kite and windsurfing guide
Newest edition of surfers Bible (wind/kite/surf). Thousands of spots, thousands of pictures from best surf-photogs and just about everything you have to know about the beach you’re heading to. Who needs internet on a surftrip? Ask locals for best food around and forecast for tomorrow. They know best! Version for Europe and for All the Globe. Every travelling surfer needs to own this heavy volume!
A must-have for all windsurfers keen to make progress every session. Newest edition of this classic volume. 480 pages. Basics, Slalom, lightwind Freestyle, planing Freestyle (oldschool), new-school Freestyle, Wave manouvers. All explained and shown on sequence-photos from A to Z. It’s better than countless hours on Youtube!

Surflogic Security Lock
surflogic key lock
Surflogic Security Lock is made out of robust, durable metal. It allows you to hide and secure your keys when you are going out for a session. Also perfect for cyclist, skiers, SUP riders etc. Opens on four digit combination.

Skywatch Eole/Meteos Meters
Skywatch wind meter
It’s not easy to tell the strenght of the wind on the spot. What to rig? First world problems… With those Skywatches you have all the data. Choose Meteos if you want to measure exact air temperature too.

Beach Cart Unifiber
beach cart unifiber
Can’t park close to your beach? Don’t want do carry equipment twice all the way? Or you live close to the spot and want to ride a bike with your gear? That’s perfect and cool solution for You!

Equipment Carry Bag Unifiber
carry bag unifiber
Perfectly fits all Your accessories and spares. Waterreppelent, yet ventilated (prevents corrosion of metal parts). This bag features special compartments for fins (up to 70cm long). You don’t have to worry about your precious G10 or carbon on the way to the spot. Main comparment fits extensions, harness lines etc., while side pocket features special organiser for spares and small stuff.

Wetsuit Carry Bag Unifiber
wetsuit carry bag unifiber
Dirty, sticky sand on your wetsuit and in the trunk? With this special bag you just step in on it tired after a good session, change your clothes, let the wetsuit loose, zip it up and throw in the trunk. Easy?

Arrows iRIG is the first inflatable, reinforced rig on the market that can change your SUP board into windsurfing set in 1,5 minute! This can change windsurfing entry level and schooling, as it is 70% lighter than traditional rig. You gotta pump it up!  

Enjoy your EASY X-mas shopping in time!