Wing Foiling Camp - report form ProCenter Prasonisi

Just under two weeks ago, I had the immense pleasure of participating in a Wing Foiling Camp organized by ProCenter Prasonisi - Christof Kirschner. The highlights of this event were some incredibly talented PRO riders sponsored by JP-Australia & NeilPryde from the GWA Pro Tour: the young French rider Kylie Belloeuvre and the Brazilian waterman Vinnicius Martins. They were stoked to provide valuable advice and tips to take our winging to higher level. Both Kylie and Winni are full of passion and optimism, true wing fanatics who can boast fantastic achievements on the Pro tour. They not only shared knowledge about tricks and maneuvers but also revealed the secrets of perfect foil setup to maximize our potential and performance.
The wind conditions in Rodos - Prasonisi, of course, didn't disappoint us, and we were flying every day with gear tailored to the weight and skills of the participants. In my case,  it was Wing Fly in sizes 3.6-4.7, with following boards: 60l X-Winger pro, 55l F-Winger, 44l S-Winger, and foils: Glide Surf 11, Glide Swift 800, and Glide Swift 600. The prerequisite for joining the camp was the ability to levitate freely and have the basics of gybing. Never the less, there were many people focused on improving their freestyle tricks and wave riding techniques. Each one of us pushed their limits – it's hard not to, when your instructors are landing clean backloops and 360 airs right next to you!
Returning to the spot itself – Prasonisi offered us consistent Meltemi winds, and thanks to the unique terrain, we found perfectly flat water with offshore winds on one side, while on the other, there was a treat for wave enthusiasts with onshore wind and friendly, easy-to-handle waves. I don't need to mention that the PRO center Prasonisi school was fully stocked with the latest gear from JP-Australia and NeilPryde. The team is made up of exceptional individuals, huge enthusiasts of winging, windsurfing, and foiling, who plan their lives according to the current Wind guru forecast. This includes the owner of the school, Christof, who's over 50 years old and landed his first stylish air 360 during the camp – an absolute legend!

The great way to cap off the whole week of hard work on the water was a delightful dinner at a traditional Greek tavern in Vati, where we had the chance to enjoy exceptional cuisine, typical of the Dodecanese archipelago. I trully hope that, together with ProCenter Christof Kirschner, this event will also take place next year –  I can't wait to rock the bay once again! 🤙🌊