Vapor 2017 from GA SAILS - tested by Maciek Rutkowski EASY SURF Team Rider

This year, Easy Surf, as the exclusive distributor of GA SAILS in Poland, has provided me with a full range of Vapor sail, which I will use during the PWA and IFCA. The Gaastra Race Machine was designed for the CC "Constant Curve" mast specification and if the 2016 was very good, then in the 2017 Vapor took another big step forward. Sail has changed a lot, but only for the better. I’m not really able to point out the bad sides of this change. I was just gently engaged in research & development, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but all changes surprised me very positively. Usually when we add speed we lose power in the lower wind range or control in the upper wind range, but with Vapor 2017 nothing of these things happens! The center of power moved more forward, which further stabilizes the whole set and allows you to squeeze maximum speed and power with extraordinary control. The mast pocket is definitely bigger, which adds power, but that's the power of the front. Thanks to that, we do not have the excess power of our back hand. The center of the sail is now much softer, which absorbs any chops and allows each gust to translate into final speed without retracting the rear arm - the sail simply does not change position. The lack of a cross-batten in 9.3 and 9.6 guarantees even more power, which makes these sails real gauntlets, dragging us through wind holes like a train. I was scared a little bit of this concept, but until then, after two months of intensive racing and testing I have not yet found a weak point, and the performance of the new Vapor allows the competition to the highest level! To sum up, I would say that this sail is a racing machine, but not just for PWA windsurfers who are technically perfect, fit and strong. Every rider on slalom set will appreciate the new Vapor features that will make it easy and enjoyable to improve performance. Now you just get on and go, whether it's PWA Fuerteventura or a session with your mates on the local water.