Trickboard - versatility of the training board

Trickboard - versatility of the training board

One of the basic characteristics of the surfers that is the most impressive is the ability to maintain balance. This is due to many hours devoted to appropriate training using the right tools - such as trickboard. However, the device is not only used by the wave whisperers. What are its uses and how can it be put into practice by gymnasts or even professional sportsmen?

Trickboard, known as balancing board..

...also called a board on a roller. This device is used to train the coordination of the whole body, balance training and muscular-sensory navigation. It is also great for training the sense of orientation or practicing a quick reaction during a fall (especially useful for fans of skateboard or roller skates). And these are just a few ideas on how to use trickboard! The number of exercises on the roller and board is practically unlimited, because it depends only on the imagination and needs of the owner. That is why it is becoming more and more popular gym equipment, and is even used for barbell training - lifting weight while simultaneously balancing the body gives great results! It should be remembered, however, that a helpful hand and guidance are essential for such stunts.


One of the many advantages of trickboards is that you can practice on them not only in the gym - they are ergonomic, light and easy to transport. So you can take them to the park (or skatepark), train on them at home or show friends at the party a few of equilibristic tricks


One board, many advantages

In addition to ergonomics and ease of transport, trickboard has many other advantages that are revealed only when using the board for some time:

  • improves deep feeling - daily use of boards on the roller contributes to deepening proprioception, i.e. sense of the pose of your body without looking at it. This makes trickboard a particularly useful rehabilitation tool for people with profound sensory disorders. The symptom of such a dysfunction is often bumping over furniture and doors, poor body coordination, balance problems or lack of movement patterns (eg reflexive hand withdrawal in contact with a hot surface)
  • ideal for supporting the diet - trickboard is great as a tool supporting diet and helping reduce unwanted fat. In addition, it will help you save money at the gym, as it is the basis for many exercises for different parts of the body.
  • motor training - the balancing board will certainly be appreciated by acrobats and gymnasts, because it is a high quality substitute for equipment and acrobatic structures available in gyms. Thanks to it you can train continuously, even during long trips. In addition to this group of people, the owners of skis, skateboards, skates and roller skates should also look favorably on the trickboard, as also for them the coordination of movement and motor skills play a key role.
  • replaces corrective exercises - trickboards are also a modern version of corrective exercises for children with spinal problems. In addition, they are great for development of children's sense of balance, shaping the right posture, and broaden the perception of their own body. Instead of overpaying for corrective exercises, it is better to invest in a balancing board.
  • increases resistance to injury - long-term training on trickboards strengthens the joints and ankles, making them less vulnerable to sprains, knocks or breaks.
  • supports the work of the brain - body balance and motor coordination are strictly dependent on the brain processing between the two hemispheres, for which the corpus callosum is responsible. Balance training on the board strengthens this processing and leads to the development of new neural structures, thanks to which the brain works faster and better.

Examples of trickboard exercises

There is no need to worry about the need to learn new, special training methods before buying a balancing board. It's enough to know the most basic exercises: crunches, push-ups, as well as sit-ups. With such knowledge you can start your work with trickboard and enjoy it at the first attempt.

Examples of exercises that can be performed are:

  • squats — stand on a trick, grab balance and splay your hands on the neck, spreading your elbows wide. Then try to do squats!
  • push-ups — set the board on the roller and grab it on both sides, catch balance. Then do classic pumps. They are much more effective, because by balancing your body you strain more muscles.
  • crunches — lying on the ground, place the roller in the place where the shin connects with the foot. Then try to lift it in a way so it won’t roll down, while taking your feet off the ground. Keep for 10 seconds and repeat several times.

Where to buy?

In the moment of epiphany and inspiration, you can buy trickboards right now! Take a look at the balancing boards in our store and choose the right model for you. Among them you will find brand new products in our inventory, so you do not have to worry that when you buy a new one you will have to dig through the whole Internet - all you need to do is come back to us ... and maybe you will find even more new products.

Have fun with trickboards and many hours of pleasant and effective exercises!


Author: Jakub Chilimończyk