Surf gift ideas

Once again, you're wondering what to buy a watersports enthusiast? They already have so much equipment that it's a challenge to fit it in the house, garage or basement, so it seems they don't need anything. Well... we're surfers ourselves, and we know that there's never enough gear. However, choosing a gift doesn't necessarily mean looking for another board or sail. More often surfers lack small gadgets that would come in handy, but only come to mind when they're already on the spot. With our list of surfer gift ideas, you certainly won't miss an opportunity to satisfy the needs of the person you want to gift.

Gift card

Perhaps the most fitting present, a gift card allows the recipient to choose exactly what they need from our store. Available in various denominations: 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 . You can also select from several graphic themes: windsurf, wing foil, kite, SUP, surf, or general. After purchase, the card will be sent to your email in a PDF file, which you can either forward to the specific person or print it out and hand it in person.



An essential tool for windsurfers, wingfoilers, and kitesurfers! If you're not an expert who can gauge wind speed by raising a finger, a wind meter can save time and simplify the choice of which sail, wing, or kite to use. Options range from simple pocket-sized wind meters to more advanced ones with additional features like humidity or temperature measurement. If you know someone who consistently has a setup that's either too big or too small for the current conditions, a wind meter can be a perfect choice.

Transport accessories

Boards, sails, masts, and booms have quite large dimensions, making it impossible to fit them into most smaller cars. Accessories like transport straps, roof racks, or soft roof racks come with help. Each of these products is designed not to damage your equipment or car, with buckles and fasteners protected by silicone covers.

Sun screen SPF 50+

Raise your hand if you haven't experienced a sunburn while traveling abroad. It happens to everyone, so it's essential to protect your skin before you leave. Bell's Surf Stick is practical, efficient, effective, and most importantly, it doesn't drip into your eyes. Apply them in the morning and enjoy full protection until the evening! Choose a skin-colored stick or, if you like to stand out, go for one of the vibrant colors: mint, pink, blue, purple or white.

Air fresheners

One way to keep the surfing vibe with you all year round, even when snow is falling outside. Choose from several scents that take you to your favorite spot: Caribbean Dream, Sunset Beach, Coco, Miami Beach, Whitewater, and Blackwater. The air fresheners are shaped like kites, sails, and surf fins, making them pleasant to look at.

Windsurfing models

Beautifully crafted models with details such as footstraps and harness lines. Each model is about 30 cm tall and are copy of the original boards and sails on a 1:16 scale. Brands available include JP-Australia / NeilPryde, GA-Sails / Tabou, Starboard / North Sails, Duotone / Fanatic and Goya. Produced in Poland by a local passionate enthusiast.

Tricktionary quides

Books are excellent gifts, especially when they relate to water sports. Tricktionary is a comprehensive guide on how to perform various maneuvers and tricks, from basic to advanced, in windsurfing, kitesurfing, or SUP. Ideal for travel, these guides offer rich descriptions and plenty of photos that clearly explain each stage of a specific maneuver. Perfect for those who want to take a break from screens but are still hungry for knowledge and progress.

Neoprene accessories

The winter season is in full swing, and neoprene boots or gloves are essential for surfers, especially in cold climate countries. Worn-out or damaged accessories won't do their job, and even well-maintained gear after a few seasons may not insulate as effectively, leading to shorter sessions on the water. Does your friend always complain about cold feet or hands? It's time to invest in new neoprene gear! Choosing the right size isn't easy, but in our store, you have a generous 60-day return/exchange policy, so you don't have to worry about your gift being put up for sale due to an ill-fitting size.

Favourite brand's t-shirts and hoodies

Selecting a wetsuit can be a challenging task, especially when surprising someone, and there's no opportunity for an earlier fitting. It's a different story with hoodies or T-shirts! Our store offers a variety of models, patterns, and colors to satisfy even the pickiest surfers. We also have a range of women's clothing. Our team has been "testing" these products in everyday life for some time now: everything is well-designed, shirts are comfortable, hoodies are warm, and prints don't fade, making it a gift that will last for years.