North Sails and North Kiteboarding (NKB) have changed name for DUOTONE

Worldwide known and respected products are now available under a new logo

Many of you already know this fact: since August 2018 well known and respected brands - North Sails and NKB (North Kiteboarding) have changed it’s name for Duotone - both for windsurfing and kitesurfing division.

What is the reason for rebranding of such an established brand? Well, North’s manufacturer - german company Boards&More has somewhat different vision of brand’s development than owners of North Sails and NKB logos (North Sails Group America, controlled by Oakley Capital). Europeans decided to take their own path with all the technology and global distribution net they developed over years. Moreover, unchanged remains whole team of managers, designers, engineers and team riders.

Duotone team

Duotone Kiteboarding will continue to manufacture well known kites like Rebel, Vegas, Neo or Dice and most of the product lines will be continued and developed. There will be spare parts available for previous models. Boards&More manager - Tim Eberle ensures that all warranty claims for previous NKB models will be respected by Duotone.

Duotone kiteboarding

Regarding North Sails windsurfing, it’s not sure whether Americans will continue to produce gear under this brand. Nevertheless, Duotone will continue 38 years old North Windsurfing heritage and most of the products will keep its names (e.g Warp, Super hero, E-Type…). Also products like high-end Platinum booms or Power.XT extensions will remain on the market under Duotone brand. Clients don’t have to worry about warranties, Duotone will take special care about them in this brand transition period.

Duotone windsurfing

What’s interesting, there was already a snowboard brand called Duotone back in the 1990’s. And it was owned by Boards&More. Taking into consideration it was very cool and innovative back then, the company decided to use this name again.

According to the words of Duotone/Boards&More management, this rebranding and outcoming independency will result in many exciting innovations and development of the gear.

The entire DUOTONE collection is available HERE.

Author: Mrówa