The new NeilPryde 2024 wave sail range

The new 2024 wave sail range: lighter and stronger than ever!

Dynamic progress, especially in the field of materials used in sail production, inspires designers every year to introduce new efficient solutions. We decided to dive into the subject, check the 'workshop,' and share some of interesting details about this year's Neilpryde lineup including Atlas, Combat, Zone.

Let's see what the head designer, Robert Stroj, has to say about the development of the new 2024 wave sail range.:

“In 2024, we redesigned our entire wave sail construction all the way from the panel layout. The result is a weight reduction of up to 25% and a significant increase in performance across the entire wave sail range. At the same time, durability has been increased because we continue to use the classic NeilPryde reinforcements. This results in vastly improved handling, more control and outstanding durability to withstand the strongest waves on the planet." Through the development of specialized materials and technologies, the ability to exert improved control and adjust material thicknesses, as well as fiber density in specific areas of the sails, has been achieved. Unnecessary seams in critical abrasion zones of the lower sail have been removed Unique and variable thickness laminates have been the basis of Neilpryde’s exclusive Power Fuse technology for over 10 years. To enhance the performance and effectiveness of this technology year after year, NeilPryde designers and pro riders are continuously expanding the use of these materials.

Neilpryde 2024 Wave Sails Range


Neilpryde 2024 Wave Sails Range


Highest quality, lightest and most responsive construction

Seamless, very light and at the same time strong panel

Aramid yarns are fused between two extremely thin films using ultrasonic Q-Bond technology

Neilpryde 2024 Wave Sails Range


Lighter than HD,  featuring Ultra Scrim sail body like Pro Fuse

Ultra PE X-Ply window for a softer riding sensation and additional stability

Slightly softer in the hands and less direct than Pro Fuse

550g lighter than Combat Pro HD 2023 (4.7 qm)

Neilpryde 2024 Wave Sails Range


The strongest & most affordable wave sail construction

Slightly softer feel and lighter than last year’s HD version

2024 HD now features Powerfuse Tack & Clew

700g lighter than Combat HD 2023  (4,7 qm)

Neilpryde 2024 Wave Sails Range

Robby Swift about the development of the new Combat Pro Fuse sails:

"I have been involved in the development of the Combat since 2004 and I can say with certainty that this year's edition is the biggest development we have ever made.

The Pro Fuse technology is absolutely amazing. We have been able to eliminate many seams from the sails: the leading edge luff sleeve seam, the seam that used to go around the entire head of the sail, as well as all of the seams from the tack and clew.

Through a combination of a new luff curve, new shaping and new sail outline, together with the introduction of new materials the result is definitely our best all-round high performance wave sail ever.”

Neilpryde 2024 Wave Sails Range