Mistral iSUP accessories - paddles and others

It’s obvious that every Stand Up Paddler, except for a board, needs a paddle and some accessories - like pump (when using inflatables) and a bag to carry the set. A leash would be also useful especially on rivers and sea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=64&v=FA0YhZnulFU We want to present those accessories from a leading SUP brand - Mistral - availible in our shop. The history of this company dates back to 1976 - beginnings of windsurfing era. For decades, Mistral has led the development of the sport globally. Nowadays, Stand Up Paddling became main focus of the brand. Mistral was the first to introduce inflatable boards to the market. Recently they proved to be a leader in the industry by introducing brand new SUP revolution - 4 chamber boards - Vortex Air and Slipstream Air.


SUP Paddles divide basicly into single piece, 2-piece and 3-piece shafts. 3-piece paddles take least transport space while dismounted, they fit into the backpack, while single-piece are much stiffer - a quality searched by advanced racers. Obviously they can be made with different materials, like carbon, plastic or aluminium. Most of the paddles have adjustable length. The length of the paddle depends on the discipline and individual preferences, but as a basic rule, the paddle should be taller than the user, about 20-25cm.

In our range, you can find 5 different paddles. KANOA model is available in 2-piece and 3-piece versions. This is a great quality vs. price choice. The shaft is made of carbon composite what means it is stiff and light. Carbon handle comfortably fits the palm. The tear-shaped blade is made of durable nylon, so it is impossible to damage it against the rocks or other underwater objects. This is a great universal recreational paddle for demanding users. TAMARI’I is a paddle dedicated to juniors. Also available in 2-piece and 3-piece versions. The shaft, like in KANOA, is made of carbon composite. The difference, except for length, is in the blade, which is smaller and more flexy, adequate to younger muscles and tendons. And finally, there is a full carbon, top-shelf paddle - Carbon FC GOLD EDITION. This ultra light paddle is dedicated mostly to racers. Once you receive it, there’s a need to cut the shaft to preferred length. The blade is available in 2 different sizes. Time proven tear-drop blade shape is a favourite amongst many paddlers, delivering light, clean, powerful strokes with ever entry and catch taken. The blade face itself is clean, with a marginal central dihydral running three quarters the way down the blade face. The blade tip is marginally 'lipped' for clean entry and there is a shallow concave in the lower portion to assist with cupping and holding the blade firm in the early phase of the catch. Thin blade edges reinforced with PVC, make for a super clean entry and a 'zinghy' feel. The shaft offers marginal recoil making for an encouraging exit and recovery phase of the stroke. This baby is costly but weights virtually nothing!


Mistral iSUP Pump

Pump is a must for all inflatable boards. Mistral iSUP Pump is a really solid, good looking product. Narrow cylinder makes inflating very fast and at last phase, when the pressure is reaching its maximum, requires less strength. iSUP Pump is taller than other on the market, so one doesn’t need to bend too much. It is made of very durable plastic. Mistral iSUP pump features manometer with PSI scale, with desired quantities indicated on the scale with colors (good/perfect/max). The hose is elastic and detachable. The connector fits valves of all inflatable SUPs (universal standard). All user instructions are printed on the pump. This pump once bought, will last for many years!


Inflatable SUPs were invented mainly for ease of transportation. There’s no need to put a huge board on a roof rack of your car. Actually, you don’t even need a car to enjoy inflatable SUP. It’s possible to travel around with it on a bus, train or fit it in airplane luggage. But you need a good bag. Like the one from Mistral. It can serve as a backpack or as a wheeled bag. It is made of thick, super tough material - 1680D ripstop (durable and makes the bag hold its shape, rather than flop around in a chaotic manner). It is large so it fits not only board and accessories but also other items. Roller wheels are fitted as a standard - large, heavy-duty, able to be dragged over most any surface. Waterproof internal lining make it easy to wipe it clean and dry. Internal cinching straps secure rolled SUP. Six external cinching straps can make the bag as small and compact as possible, further securing the contents. Padded, adjustable shoulder straps are complemented by the waistband, which can be hidden inside, when not necessary. There are well-placed carry handles on all sides. Heavy duty zippers are easily findable due to contrast colour. With this bag/backpack you can take your SUP comfortably anywhere!
MIS-175200900 (2)


And last but not least - the leash. Use of leash is recommended in strong winds, on rivers and open sea. During an involuntary fall, a board can drift away very quickly. With leash the board will stay close to you and you don't need to chase it! Mistral Spiral Sup Leash can be attached both to the ankle and just below the knee and to the board d-ring on the other end. The second solution will make leash not tangled directly under your feet and stumbling over it will be much less likely. This leash will keep you safe and give a surfer look, too! You can be sure, that every product with Mistral logo might not be the cheapest on the market, but will be made of the highest quality materials and very well designed.