MANERA - wetsuits 2021 collection


EASY SURF is introducing products from the French MANERA. Its beginnings date back to 2012 and although at the beginning company’s mission was to remain a brand that is focused on kiteboarding, but in recent years it has been increasingly more open to surfing and wake. This can be evidenced even by a fact from our own, Polish backyard - multiple Polish Champion in surfing, Kuba Kuzia, joined Team Manera in late 2020.

This year Manera became the first company in the world to design wetsuits in 3D technology. This means that right from the start, the material is moulded into the shape of the body. Any other wetsuit is sewn flat and stretches as you put it on, so there will always some material missing in one place and there will be too much of it in another. New Manera wetsuits only stretch when you move - there are no unnecessary folds and creases of fabric, e.g. on the belly or on the back of your knees. The comfort of using such a wetsuit is incomparable - it is in fact our "second skin" which perfectly adapts to body shape. For more information about the wetsuit design, see the video below - the wetsuit is best shown in the part where a regular wetsuit lies flat and the Manera is naturally "bulging" (1:31).


Other elements worth noting are the sleeve and leg ends - they have been shaped in such a way as to prevent water from seeping in and the wetsuit from curling up. Additionally, a Water Stainer panel has been integrated on the legs - it is a depressurized and perforated neoprene to drain water. The wetsuit pack also includes velcros for legs which provide additional protection against water ingress.

Of course, we also have a Glued and Blind Stitched system in place which is a standard these days. In a nutshell, this method consists of gluing layers of neoprene and then sewing them together, without piercing the neoprene through. With this, the wetsuit is more airtight. Manera went a step further in its design and analyzed the places that are most vulnerable to overstretching. It has laid out individual elements/panels in the wetsuit in such a way to avoid seams in those critical areas giving greater durability and resistance to abrasion.

It's time to showcase individual models. The offer for 2021 includes 3 models of wetsuits that are from 3/2 to 5/4/3 thick. Most models come with the option of a zipper in front, so the Manera wetsuits will definitely be popular among surfers, however, once the process of making the wetsuit is known to greater audience, the products will sure find their fans in other water sports.

The Magma model is the most advanced wetsuit from the whole collection. The producer itself describes this product as "the favorite weapon against winter." And no wonder - the inside of the wetsuit is made of Magma Fleece + material which simultaneously insulates against the cold and retains the heat that the body generates. Another advantage is that the new material, compared to previous version and wetsuits offered by competitors, dries 30% faster. If so far you've been giving up on the second session in the water because of your suit being wet, now you don't have such excuses anymore - you put on the Magma and jump in the water. The producer claims that the new Fleece is also 10% lighter than similar solutions from competition. Magma is a model for the most demanding users who can't afford to compromise during long winter sessions.

The most versatile and universal model is the X10D.It stands out for its very low weight (X10D Fleece is 22% lighter than standard Jersey) and the greatest stretch of of all Manera models. The combination of three materials provides: protection (Reflex Skin), insulation (Air Foram Neoprene) and warmth and flexibility (XD10 Plus). This is by far the most versatile wetsuit that will satisfy virtually anyone.

The last model is the Seafarer - a novelty in the Manera collection. In this case, the manufacturer focused on simplicity and comfort - the wetsuit provides the best price/quality ratio. Here, you will find the same solutions as in the models presented above, although the wetsuit is not as flexible and lightweight as the X10D or warm and quick-drying like the Magma. On the other hand, it is not a low-budget model which was created to fill the price gap in the offer. The wetsuit is an ideal solution for people who expect a good product without an exorbitant price.

Manera wetsuits - shop at EASY SURF

Manera's offer would not be complete without neoprene accessories such as boots, gloves and hoodies. All accessories, like wetsuits, have been designed in 3D technology which offers great fit and comfort of use. Let's start with boots: Magma and X10D are 5mm and 3mm thick respectively. Both items are characterised by their thin sole for better "feel" of the board and split toe - which provides foot support and more natural movement. In addition, they feature Sidewalls which support the foot on both sides of the boot to keep it in the correct position.

Manera boots - shop at EASY SURF

As far as gloves are concerned, we have 2 models that are 2.5 and 2mm thick. This would seem to be a rather narrow range - other manufacturers have products with thickness ranging from 1.5 to even 7mm. Taking a closer look at the Magma model, it is impossible not to notice that the outer part of the gloves has been covered with Glide Skin material which ensures water and wind resistance. The gloves provide excellent insulation on the inside and generate warmth, while the 2.5mm thickness makes them very flexible. Let's add sealing prints on the cuffs to prevent water leakage and reinforcements for quick pull-ups without worrying about their damage. The X10D model, on the other hand, is made of the same materials and technology as the wetsuit of the same name. They are the most flexible and weigh really little - during a session you can easily forget that you are wearing them. Like Magma they have reinforcements and seals on the cuffs.

Manera gloves - shop at EASY SURF

The case of the hoods is similar to the gloves - 2.5 mm thick Magma is a model for tough winter conditions. And the 2mm X10D is super stretchy and lightweight.

Manera hoods - shop at EASY SURF

It looks like Manera products made in 3D can bring about a revolution in the neoprene market – it won’t be long until other companies will begin to adopt similar solutions.