Gladiator SUP board collection review for 2024

inflatable SUP boards 2024 from Gladiator Gladiator's collection is a wide range of boards - from universal to specialized, so whether you're just entering the world of SUP boarding or you're already one of the SUP experts - you'll find something for you.

For the first, it's good to know that Gladiator has divided its assortment into 3 lines: Origin (economy), Pro (premium) and Elite (top line), which differ in construction technologies. However, one thing remains common to them: each SUP board has a working pressure of 26 psi - the highest psi on the market! Origin models are silver, Pro - navy blue, and Elite - white, so you can quickly see which line you're dealing with. 

All Round — SUP board for everone

If you're looking for your first board for recreational trips to calm water - the SUP all-round type is a hit! It's the most stable and easy to handle board, which you will recognize by its round bow and proportions: short and wide. You'll find it in 3 classic sizes in the Origin and Pro lines.
deski sup allround z wiosłem gladiator

SUP boards from the Origin economy line have double reinforced sides

deski sup marki gladiator allround Pro

SUP boards from the Pro line have triple reinforced sides

Performance All Round Board

For those who want a more dynamic board, but are concerned about narrow and less stable ones, Gladiator has designed Performance All Round models, which have the same wide deck as regular all-rounders. These variants are longer (11'2, 11'4, 11'6) and have a slightly sharpened bow, which allows the board to cut through the water faster and efficiently overcome chop. You'll find them in Pro and Elite lines.

deski sup performance all round marki gladfiator

For better efficiency, the Performance Allround has a gently pointed bow and a slightly square stern

Touring SUP board — for lovers of multi-mile trips

Recreational pace does not satisfy you? Are you planning longer trips with your gear? Consider a touring board - it's narrower and longer and has a distinctive pointed bow, which allows it to cut through the water more efficiently. As a rule, it is thicker (15 cm) and more displacement, which allows you to take necessary things on board (touring models usually have additional bungee cords at the stern - ideal for attaching dry bag). Gladiator offers 12'6 touring SUP boards in each of its 3 lines:

Origin: TouringTouring Light, Touring Sport
Pro: Touring, Touring Light, Touring Sport and Touring Wide
Elite: Touring, Touring Sport, Touring Light and Touring in size 14'0

deska touringowa gladiator z wiosłem

Touring models are longer and narrower than allround boards for faster speeds and easier maintenance of direction

Race — racing SUP board for advanced

For professional athletes, but also for sport/endurance paddlers, Gladiator has prepared models with the highest Triple Layer Machine Woven Technology. It comes with a carbon paddle and specialized fiberglass fin. The very narrow and stiff board allows you to develop fantastic speeds, and thanks to the honeycomb fin and kick pad at the stern, it's excellent in handling. For your choice Elite Race 12'6 and longer models Race 14'0 and Race Sport 14'0 

Elite racing boards are made with Machine Woven technology for maximum stiffness and lightness. The Elite paddle is carbon and the fin is fiberglass

SUP board with kayak seat 

For those who like to paddle, but not just standing - Gladiator offers models with the possibility of attaching a seat with a backrest. You'll feel like you're in a kayak and relieve the strain on your back! See them in allround version: Combo 10'6 and Combo 10'8 and touring: Combo Touring i Combo Sport

Board for a child — SUP for the little ones

Want to introduce your little one to the world of SUP paddling? Check out the friendly and stable allround model Origin Kids 9’6 or faster touring Origin Kids 10’6. For advanced young enthusiasts of speed and competition, we recommend racing boards Elite Race Kids 10’6 and Race Kids 11’6

Speciality — SUP board for special tasks 

River. For paddling on rivers and calmer mountain streams, the manufacturer has prepared the model River 11'0 in version for lighter and heavier paddlers.
WindSUP. To models Wind 10'7 and Wind 11'6 just attach a rig to turn a classic SUP into a windsurfing set! 
Fishing. Fishing enthusiasts will find a model for themselves Fish 12'6 - wide and stable construction with a large deck enable to cast a rod freely. 

Gladiator provides each of its boards with a set of essential accessories, such as an adjustable 3-piece paddle, a two-way pump with gauge, a sturdy transport backpack, a leash and a fin. It's worth noting that the included paddles are made entirely or partially of fiberglass, and in the Elite line they are 100% carbon. Gladiator SUP boards are the top shelf recommended for all discerning paddlers. Their users recommend them for their overall, quality, materials, solid construction and affordable, for this quality, price.