GA Kites PACT 2017

After 18 months of testing the GA Kites 2017 Pact is ready to hit the market. Find out some details about this extraordinary kite! This true C-Kite design is equipped with five struts and fifth line to hold the aggressive profile in shape. Three times European Champion Mario Rodwald described this kite in three sayings: perfectly predictable slack, massive but controllable pop and a precise bar feedback.


Even after blasting horizontal kiteloops Pact is able to perform a safe landing thanks to its very rapid return to 12 o´clock. Additionally we designed an extra small 5th line Wakestyle Bar! Despite the Wakestyle setup we added a freestyle setting which is provides perfect big air abilities and much depower. Use the Pact on the slow and Wakestyle pig tail for maximum control when unhooking!


  • real five-strut C-Kite
  • lighter & stronger construction
  • massive controllable loaded pop
  • perfectly predictable slack
  • direct bar feeling
  • designed together with 3x European Champion Mario Rodwald