FMX Racing the 2023 collection!

FMX Racing riders showed last year that the boards they ride on are in the current TOP! Finian Maynard managed to build a brand that dominates on race tracks in just 4 years. Riding on Invictus and Hyperion boards, they easily reached the podium in most national and international races. The culminating moment of last season was the achievement of the PWA Slalom World Championship by Maciek Rutkowski! (Once again, congratulations to Maciek!) As if that wasn't enough, Justine Le Meteyer won the PWA Slalom World Championship silver medal among women, while Delphine Cousin took third place.

However, we are now in the 2023 season and we are waiting for the first slalom PWA regattas, which will take place at Lake Garda in Italy! Meanwhile, the 2023 collection of FMX Racing boards is already available for order in our shop! (Delivery in May 2023!) The 2023 collection includes all the well-known models of the brand:


Most of the models have been modified, but of course, the FMX Racing R&D team focused their attention on their flagship Invictus and Hyperion models. For the 2023 season, designer Finian Maynard and his team have introduced new models 74, 78, 104, 124 to their Invictus slalom line. The 74 size was created with the aim of being the fastest on the spot and allowing riders to overcome speed barriers. The 78-liter model is a weapon for very strong wind conditions for lighter riders, while the remaining models are designed to cover all possible conditions, taking into account riders of different sizes (women and men).


Hyperions 138, 158 and 178 are high performance competition slalom foil boards for 2023 with a completely re-designed hull inspired by the trends seen in other foil disciplines such as the AC75 hulls. It cuts through the wind more efficiently, with lower drag coefficients versus previous models. New mast track concave designs resulting in increased airflow efficiency across the deck at high speeds. Overall performance has been improved through the new tail design, new cutouts design, new outline and once again utilizing the vertical rails concept to balance the board through the air.

The Hyperion 214 is the new FW Foil Class 100cm wide machine that will take the course racing foil scene by force. More power over the foil due to the massive 99cm tail equates to higher pointing angles upwind and deeper downwind angles, especially in under-powered conditions. Revised race foil scoop-rocker line for easier handling, explosive acceleration and top-speed in both flat water and choppy foiling conditions. A proven curve that generates enough lift whilst still releasing drag, a key performance component of modern foil racing. Equiped with Gorilla Backfoot Pad’ which is made with a one piece 6mm deck pad from rail to rail on the back foot to facilitate comfort and grip during high speed gybe manoeuvres.

The Hyperions secure excellent top speed and acceleration and should be your weapon of choice, if you want to fight for the crown of the fastest foiler on the water. 


Superb ease-of-use, handling, speed and control packaged into a performance freeride board that is also foil ready to go. FMX Racing designer Finian Maynard introduced the Veloce series, as the new reference in the freeride market, whereby the focus of the design mandate was to create something special for the intermediate sailor. The Veloce models break through all freeride performance barriers to reveal a range of boards that are super easy to sail with fin or foil, plane exceptionally early, gybe effortlessly and have excellent stability once planing or in the airA true freerider’s dream.

Feel free like a bird with Veloce FOIL!
A completely re-designed dedicated freeride foil board that is very easy to learn foiling with and exceptionally stable in the air. Considerable wind and sail compatibility range built into this design, which became evident after testing.  The vertical rails concept taken from the racing foil models helps a lot with stability in the air and easy touching down and re-flying on the foil, key components for any aspiring freeride foil customer. Lots of footstraps position options inboard and outboard to accommodate all skill levels. 


Introducing the Diablo series of wave boards! Clean, smooth and ready to go out of the box! Designed as a dedicated and complete all-around wave board capable of performing in a wide range of conditions. The feedback from the market and riders has been excellent! Easy and forgiving on the wave with proper carving ability and grip whilst still having the speed for aerial manoeuvres and sky high jumps.

The Diablo 76/86/94 collection are the ideal all condition wave boards for those who want to have a one board fits all concept. From the North Sea to Maui, the Diablo is the choice for you! 

Diablo 96 FSW designed as a dedicated light onshore/freestyle wave board capable of performing in a wide range of conditions. The board is an excellent choice for those who would like to sail in ‘light/onshore’ wave conditions or in bump and jump locations where speed and manoeuvrability are the keys to a good session.