Exocet - new brand at EASY-surfshop!

We are excited to introduce a new brand of windsurf boards to our store - Exocet! This renowned French brand is known for its innovative solutions and high-quality equipment. As of this year, Exocet is part of the same family of brands as the excellent Loftsails, which have been in our offer since the beginning of our store. In the Exocet range, you will find boards for classic fin windsurfing as well as for foiling, suited to all skill levels.

Exocet boards come in three construction technologies:

  • ADVANCED SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY - AST boards are built using a monolithic construction that combines matte fiberglass, resulting in a simple but durable structure. All boards have a full fiberglass strip on the edges, increasing their strength and durability. This construction offers an excellent balance between price and quality, ensuring exceptional durability.
  • SILVER - A high-quality construction combining a PVC deck with a fiberglass bottom. It provides excellent stiffness, durability, and is budget-friendly.
  • CARBON INTEGRA CONSTRUCTION - Achieving a balance between weight, stiffness, and impact resistance, Carbon Integra is created by combining two different fabrics. The inherent strength and rigidity of carbon fibers allow for a reduction in fiber quantity, resulting in weight savings. Integra, from the same category as Kevlar, is particularly effective in protecting against point impacts.
Exocet Nano V3 AST
  • Purpose: Freeride
  • Exocet Nano is pure freeride, making it an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate windsurfers looking to develop their skills. Designed to allow smooth and fast planing, the board forgives mistakes, providing joy in various conditions. The Nano offers an exceptional balance between quality and affordability, making it a great investment for those new to windsurfing or aiming to refine their skills.
Exocet Nano V3 AST

Exocet SCross V2 AST oraz Carbon
  • Purpose: Freeride/Freerace
  • The SCross series is the latest generation of freerace boards designed for ambitious beginners, intermediates, and advanced windsurfers. If you seek high performance but also comfort in all conditions, SCross is a perfect choice. The completely redesigned model features new shapes like a more compact outline and a refreshed deck line. The lowered deck improves force distribution and brings the mast foot closer to the deck line. As a result, the sail closes better over the board, improving aerodynamics and increasing control during gybes.
Exocet SCross V3

Exocet RS V5 Carbon
  • Purpose: Slalom/Race
  • A full-fledged slalom machine, the RS model continually evolves to provide better performance in competitions. Designed for demanding advanced windsurfers and competitors aiming for the highest speeds and maintaining control in the widest range of conditions. The RS V5 model has subtle changes to the lines and outline of the board to enhance control for even better speeds. Notably, the widest point of the board has been moved closer to the bow while maintaining the same tail width. This refinement smooths the board's rocker, significantly improving control on straight sections and allowing for faster gybes.
Exocet RS V5 Carbon

Exocet Cross V7 Silver oraz Carbon

  • Purpose: Freestyle/Wave
  • From fast riding on flat water, bump & jump, to wave riding, Cross is the most versatile option in the Exocet range. Ideal for intermediate and advanced riders who want to try their skills in more demanding conditions. The refreshed shape, optimal buoyancy distribution, and three fin boxes offer incredibly responsive riding with impressive speed and comfort.
Exocet Cross V7

Exocet Breeze

  • Purpose: Freeride/Small waves in light wind
  • A true wave hunter modeled after typical surfing longboards, designed to shine where its more radical cousins struggle - in super light and borderline wind conditions. Ideal for intermediate riders to catch their first waves or enjoy free riding. The increased length allows for extremely early starts even in light gusts. Combined with increased buoyancy, the board easily handles the surf without tiring the rider. All Breeze board sizes feature a unique step tail, which shortens the effective length of the board by nearly 30 cm when riding waves. This change significantly impacts maneuverability, making the board react like a shorter counterpart, allowing precise and extended bottom turns without losing speed.
Exocet Breeze

Exocet XWAVE V3

  • Purpose: Onshore for intermediate and advanced wave riders
  • Demanding conditions, heavy surf, and unpredictable, gusty winds of European coasts are undoubtedly the elements where the new XWAVE excels. A key feature of the new shape is the fast rocker line. With improved dynamics and incredible smoothness while sailing upwind, the XWAVE can quickly pass through the surf and re-align in the lineup awaiting the next wave. This year's model features a more moderate outline curve, moving the widest point of the board closer to the bow. Thanks to the streamlined shapes, the board can maintain its speed during radical bottom turns.
Exocet XWAVE V3

Exocet Freefoil V3 AST oraz Carbon

  • Purpose: Wind and wing foil freeride
  • Freefoil means wind and wing foil without any limitations - smooth takeoff, stable flight, and gentle landings with minimal effort. An accessible freeride board designed for beginners or intermediate riders looking for maximum comfort and stability.
Exocet Freefoil V3 Carbon

Exocet RF Foil V3 Carbon

  • Purpose: Windfoil slalom/race
  • Focused on maximum performance, the RF Foil series is designed for borderline wind conditions and strong overpowered sailing. The RF Foil is an enhanced continuation of the more forgiving freefoil boards, perfect for intermediate and advanced riders seeking strong, sporty experiences. Characterized by a more square shape, flat deck, and exceptionally wide tail, the board quickly accelerates to the speed necessary for smooth takeoff into foiling.
Exocet RF Foil V3 Carbon

Exocet Windsup V4 AST oraz Bamboo

  • Purpose: SUP/Windsurfing
  • The Exocet Windsup is a versatile board that combines the features of SUP and windsurfing. Perfect for those who want to enjoy peaceful stand-up paddling but also catch some wind and sail. Solid construction and stability make Windsup an excellent choice for families and beginner windsurfers. Less time on the beach and more fun on the water. Whether it's stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), windsurfing, or even wind foiling, WindSUP will meet its purpose. Offering versatile use, it is the best choice for beginners and intermediate riders looking for variety and comfort on any water body.
Exocet Windsup V4
Exocet Link V4 AST
  • Purpose: Learning and beginner
  • The Link model was created to support beginners at every stage of learning, from the first turns to mastering planing. A forgiving shape, high buoyancy, family character, and solid construction will impress everyone. Thanks to its stable, wide line combined with a compact design, Link boards are extremely maneuverable. Regardless of the rider's weight, this model presents a range of boards perfectly tailored to the user's needs, providing support and confidence at the beginning of the windsurfing adventure.
Exocet Link V4 AST

All Exocet board models available at EASY-surfshop feature modern design and top-notch quality. No matter your skill level, you will surely find something for yourself. If you are wondering about choosing a board but don't know which model is right for you, be sure to contact us. You can reach us at: