3 Mistral products tested by Gleiten.tv

Compact windsurfing rig Mistral WindSUP 5.3, inflated board Mistral SUP Lombok 11'5 "and the three-piece paddle Mistral Kanoa have been tested by the German service Gleiten.tv.


In the first video review, made in English language version, you can see in action a very compact Mistral windsurfing rig, designed primarily for use with inflatable SUP boards. Handy size, stability and friendly performance of this colourful Mistral sail clearly appealed to testers. Watch the first review: http://gleiten.tv/index.php/video/action/view/v/2363/page/249/


In the next test Gleiten.tv examined inflated SUP board - the Mistral Lombok 11'5 ", which has been praised for its high quality, rigid construction and great shape, that allows highly efficient paddling on any level of advancement. In the second part of the test you will know the experience of using a three-piece paddle Mistral Kanoa - also very positive! The second test, also in the English version: http://gleiten.tv/index.php/video/action/view/v/2362/page/357/