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Important information about EASY SURF Shop work in April - MORE
News September 17, 2015

Vandal SUP 2016

New in 2016 Vandal line up are brand new race boards and two extra touring models.


News September 17, 2015

Vandal SUP 2016

New in 2016 Vandal line up are brand new race boards and two extra touring models.


News November 10, 2015

360FLY – The new face of action cam

New player has appeared recently on the sports camera market and it’s gaining new fans very quickly.


News January 19, 2016

Maciek Rutkowski in GAASTRA / TABOU International Team

GAASTRA, TABOU & EASY / SURF are pleased to announce that Polish talent Maciek Rutkowski will join their team for 2016.


News May 2, 2016

Vaavud - turn your phone into wind meter

Have you ever wondered if you can use your iOS or Android device as a wind meter? Thanks to the Danish brand Vaavud you can turn your phone into high-tech meteorological tool.


News May 4, 2016

Gaastra is experimenting with hydrofoil

Gaastra Sail designer Peter Munzlinger has recently decided to personally see what is behind all this hydrofoil thing. Here are his impressions


News May 30, 2016

Waist or seat harness? Maciek Rutkowski explains the differences

To really dissect the difference between the high and low or waist and seat or wave and race harness we need to go back in time a little bit


News June 16, 2016

Weed fins overview

Summer is coming and by the way algae, seaweed and other aquatic green obstacles that can hugely decrease our pleasure of sailing on board.


News July 14, 2016

Gaastra wave 2017 - overview

Gaastra has shown 2017 wave sails collection, so lets take a look at what's new in the fresh lineup!


News August 10, 2016

EXTEND CrazyFly - All Made in Europe

CrazyFly has become the first and only Kiteboarding brand to produce inflatable kites in Europe!


News September 2, 2016

GA Kites PACT 2017

After 18 months of testing the GA Kites 2017 Pact is ready to hit the market. Find out some details about this extraordinary kite!


News September 6, 2016

Loftsails 2017

The new line of Loftsails 2017 just saw the light of the day! Monty Spindler has presented most of his collection for the 2017 season.


News March 31, 2017

MaverX - premium Italian mast brand

We present you an article about one of the best quality and most technologically advanced brand among windsurfing masts producers - Italian company MaverX


News November 2, 2017

Tabou Da Bomb 2018 - introducing new shape - from euro-wave to bump&jump

Tabou Da Bomb 2018 - introducing new shape - from euro-wave to bump&jump - buy at


News February 19, 2018

Ocean Rodeo Drysuit - surf all year long!

Ocean Rodeo Drysuit will let you surf all year long! Even in coldest waters you can enjoy your beloved watersports.


News March 23, 2018

SELECT - a French fin & hydrofoil brand

Select is one of the largest windsurfing fins manufacturer in the world. The range of Select Fins is huge, it will fit all kind of needs


News April 6, 2018

Mistral iSUP accessories - paddles and others

Every SUPerr, except for a board, needs a paddle and some accessories - like pump and a bag to carry the set or leash. Read about Mistral products.


News September 13, 2018

North Sails and North Kiteboarding (NKB) have changed name for DUOTONE

North Sails and NKB (North Kiteboarding) has changed it's name for DUOTONE. Well known and respected products are now available globally under a new name.


News October 9, 2018

Mistral’s story - heritage and present day

Mistral is a very well recognised and respected watersports brand with great heritage. Learn about it’s history, innovations and future


News October 19, 2018

Tabou 2019 windsurfing boards collection novelties

Read about 2019 windsurfing boards collection novelties from Tabou. Each board is a result of intensive research and development of shaper and pro team.


News November 6, 2018

Trickboard - versatility of the training board

One of the basic characteristics of the surfers that is the most impressive is the ability to maintain balance. This is due to many hours devoted to appropriate training using the right tools - such as trickboard.


News November 19, 2018

Best inflatable SUP boards

Inflatable SUP boards have one principal advantage over hard boards - it is ease of transportation and storage. That’s why their popularity exploded all around the world lately.


News October 30, 2020

Comparison of the Swiss Skywatch windmeters

Skywatch is back on our shelves. In this article, we would like to present and introduce you to the individual models of these sensational anemometers from Switzerland.


News November 18, 2020

We have it - JP AUSTRALIA 2021! Review of JP boards 2021

EASY SURF Shop has officially become an import and distributor of the well-known and appreciated brand JP AUSTRALIA. The first boards were released on the market by JP in 1997. From the very beginning, it gained very good opinions from both professional and amateurs riders. Today we will check at what windsurf boards the JP AUSTRALIA team, led by the shaper Werner Gnigler, has prepared for us for 2021.



EASY roots - a brief history of our company, pt. I

I remember that day as if it were yesterday. One of the most important events in my life. In the winter of 2001, exactly 20 years ago, I registered a business under the following name: "EASY-windsurfing". Me - a freshman, 25 years old, just graduated from economics studies, with some full-time job in marketing, no experience... But I knew already then - and it was probably at the end of my studies - that would want my life to be intertwined with windsurfing somehow.


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