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Why Mistral is such a classic brand? The answer is passion for two elements which are wind and water. Thanks to the dedication they developed the concept of windsurfing to an extraordinary level. The company founded in 1976 has set the tone in the process of developing windsurfing boards.

Nowadays Stand Up Paddle Boarding is what the company pays attention to. On the market, there is a great range of inflatable SUP boards. But Mistral was the first to introduce them. Recently they came up with another revolution - 4 chamber inflatable boards - Vortex and Slipstream Air.

You will find cheaper models but when buying inflatable SUP you must think not only about the price. Remember that on the quality of the inflatable your life can depend. Having this in mind first check if the board which you want to buy is strong, durable, well constructed and reliable. All this features you will find in Mistral inflatable SUP boards which are made from heavy-duty PVC, hardened rubber materials and have multiple layers of polymer and urethane. Moreover, it has even the UV protection in order to create a protective barrier over a drop stitch core. Thanks to drop stitch construction, thousands of polyester threads connecting the top and the bottom layers, create much stronger link which can withstand higher pressures than traditionally created boards. In this process, an extremely durable and rock-hard rigid inflatable board is created. With all this modern technology it still offers a ride very similar to a regular hard board. Most popular models include: Sumatra and Santa Anna

Hard SUP board range is all of superb quality, and race boards are probably best designed and fastest available! Mistral recently introduced a high quality inflatable kayak - KANUyak to their range.

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