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GA (or Gaastra) is a German brand which has been manufacturing windsurfing equipment since 1980 and led the industry. All experience gained during those years resulted in Gaastra Kiteboarding established in early days of this sport - 2001.

GA has its own factory, so quality can be checked at each step of production process. This factory also produces materials which kites are made of. Due to this fact GA are one of the most resistant kites on the market. GA Kites line includes: Spark, IQ, Pack and Pure dedicated for different riding styles. 3 twintip boards: Blend, Watts and Pact as well as 3 different surfboards. Each board is available in 2 or 3 different sizes. Obviously the collection is supplemented by bars (4 and 5 lines), harnesses and bags.

SURF Shop is a major GA Kites retailer.

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