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Bass is a new polish brand on SUP market. Established in 2015. It offers high quality inflatable SUP boards in a reasonable price. Bass was created thanks to passion for water sports and love at first sight with Stand Up Paddleboarding. After many seasons of riding, producer knew exactly what he expects and demands from a good board. He decided to create his own inflatable SUP’s which are stiffer, durable, manoeuvrable and compact at the same time. Bass SUP are manufactured using drop-stitch and double layer technology.

SUP Bass line includes many different models for beginners, touring or race. There are dedicated models for SUP yoga, SUP surfing, inflatable windsurfing, water rescue and event a Giant board for team-buliding that can be used by 6-8 people. Each board features a repair kit, backpack, pump, most of the boards include a leash. Bass offers 3 technologies of paddles: alu, fiberglass and professional carbon Razor paddles with various flex.

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