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The Netherlands is one of the windiest countries in Europe and has a rich history in the sport of windsurfing. In 2014 a new chapter in that long windsurfing story was written, with the birth of a fresh Dutch sailing brand: Attitude Sails - brought to life by Job Verbunt, who aims to propose a fair alternative to the market with a more budget-friendly, alternative sail line.

#RealWorldWindsurfing - Attitude sails are meant to serve amateur windsurfers, so the company decided not to spend money on supporting World Cup Pro Teams, who have different needs than recreational windsurfers. That doesn’t mean any compromises on sail quality or performance! Opposite - those sails are very tough and have many highly technical features like eg. standing battens. Another factor that differs Attitude from other brands is a 2 years market cycle. There are 5 models of sails dedicated for: wave - Rebel, freestyle-wave - Allstar, freeride - Source, freerace - RPM i freeslalom - Hornet. Get Real. Live for Windsurfing. Get Attitude.

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